It should be wonderful weather for a hike in the woods. Lots of snow melt today, so no snow shoes required.  Bring water and a snack. .

John Nesbitt will lead a hike in Pharsalia Woods State Forest on Sunday, February 18.  The hike will consist of a mix of the FLT main trail, FLT branch trails, snow mobile trails, and forest service roads. The length of the hike is approximately 6 miles, but can be adjusted based on hiking conditions and/or timing.  Traction devices are suggested in case the forest service roads are icy.

Meeting Times & Places:  8:00 AM in the parking lot behind Howard Johnson's motel in Norwich or 8:20 AM at the intersection of Center & Stewart Roads in North Pharsalia.  For questions, please call John Nesbitt at (607) 334-8649.

I am looking for a couple hike leaders for Sunday hikes.

I was in a car accident Friday (snowy day). Trooper called it minor. That was not the way I described it. Went to the hospital via ambulance in a neck brace. Thankfully only soft tissue damage. So my neck hurts. My car is pretty messed up. We picked up a rental today and I also went to my own doctor today.

I need to take a couple weeks off from hiking to heal up. 

So if you can lead a Sunday hike, let me know. 

Peg Fuller