1) For those interested in purchasing ($18) a Chenango County Hike Series T-shirt, the deadline to order is April 4.  They will be shipped to Donna Coon (chair for the County Hike Series) and she'll have them ready to hand out at the first hike, Saturday, April 20.

If you have already registered for the County Hike Series and now wish to order a T-shirt, just call the FLT Office to place your order, open weekdays 9 am to 2 pm (585-658-9320).

You do not have to be a County Hike Series participant to order a T-shirt.

2) Registrations for the County Hike Series will be taken up till April 12, please click below for registration information:

 After April 12, late registrants will need to contact Donna directly ( order to register.

3) Finally, a separate "County Hike Series" googlegroup will be formed immediately after the April 12 registration deadline, those who are registered will receive a note from me via the County Hike Series googlegroup shortly thereafter !  

The note, welcoming you to the County Hike Series, will provide all the necessary info for the 'opening day' hike, Saturday, April 20.

Larry Blumberg
(googlegroup moderator for the Chenango County Hike Series)
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Please see the message below from an FLT Facebook page. If you think you might be interested please let me know and I'll put you in touch with Cate.


Hey y'all -- I am involved with the publicity committee for the Finger Lakes Trail Conference. We were hoping to publicize the upcoming Chenango County Hike Series with a short video. Anyone in this group live in Chenango County or is anyone planning to hike on the FLT in Chenango County who would be willing to make a short video or two for the FLTC? Looking to highlight some pretty or unique features with some short (~1 min) videos.
Please let me know if interested. Thanks!

The timeline of the activities that are necessary to construct the two lean-to's that will be shown at the Symposium in Syracuse have been outlined below.  Volunteers will be needed to construct the two lean-to's in Virgil, NY, transport them to Syracuse, reconstruct them for the symposium and then take them down again for transport to their final destinations.  In addition, we will be assisting Wickcraft who is donating a 50 foot boardwalk to the FLTC with constructing it and taking it down at the symposium.  Volunteer hours will be recorded for the boardwalk challenge that will be assigned to the Regional Trail Coordinator for your area.  The Regional Trail Coordinator who has the most volunteer hours will select the final destination for its permanent location for all work listed below.  

Mike Tenkate and Matt Branneman are the project and construction managers respectively for all the work that takes place in Virgil, NY.  I will be handling the details for the activities taking place in Syracuse.

If you would like to assist in the construction taking place in Virgil, NY, please contact Mike Tenkate at  

If you would like to assist in the activities in Syracuse, please contact myself at:

Some of the final details are still being worked out but the dates listed below are not expected to change.  Please note, that the construction and take down of the boardwalk will require heavy lifting.  Each section of the boardwalk weighs 400lbs and the poles for each section weigh 190lbs.  Wickcraft will be present at both the construction and take down of the boardwalk in Syracuse.  

Virgil, NY, April 6/7 – Construct Bucks Brook lean-to, base for Little Rock City (LRC), 3 privy screens, model of post-n-beam lean-to. (possibility of picnic tables and wood base for fire ring display)

Virgil, NY, April 13/14 – Rain Date for construction, continue construction if needed

Virgil, NY, April 20/21 – Rain Date for construction, continue construction if needed, load trailer

Syracuse, NY, April 25 – 8AM SHARP - Drop off Bucks Brook lean-to, base for LRC, 2 privy screens (other possible drops off's could include: Fire ring, privy, picnic table(s), wood base for fire ring). Start reconstruction

Syracuse, NY, April 26- Finish construction of items listed above

Syracuse, NY, April 27 – Rob Hughes drop off of LRC lean-to and reconstruction.  Start time TBA

Virgil, NY, May 1- Load trailer consisting of remaining wood and metal roofs for Bucks Brook and LRC lean-to's, Possible roofing slates and metal roofs for Stoney Brook and Onondaga lean-to's, possible privy, picnic tables and fire ring

Syracuse, NY, May 1 -11 AM SHARP– Disassemble Bucks Brook, LRC lean-tos, 2 privy screens, load privy fire ring from Mike Tenkate and/or vendors at OnCenter, disassemble board walk. Must be out of Oncenter by 7pm

Virgil, NY, May 1 -  Mike Tenkate will be storing the boardwalk in Virgil, NY until the boardwalk challenge is completed after the Trail Days in Bath, NY.  He will need assistance in Virgil to remove the boardwalk sections and poles into storage from his trail to a nearby structure.  
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