Hike Report - Sun Afternoon 10 Feb 2019 - Bowman Lake SP, McD

Sunny mid winter afternoon 10 February 2019 had 7 hikers in the Bowman Lake State Park, McDonough, walking on the frozen snow: Anne Altshuler, Joe Inga, Marilyn Ireland, Friday Mcclosky, JoAnn Mcclosky, Carol Smith, and Don Windsor. We covered 2.7 miles in 1.9 hours for a speed of 1.4 miles per hour.
We parked at the area beyond the gate and walked atop the snow covered drive to the FLT kiosk. See photo. On the way we encountered a family unit of hikers. See photo. At that time we had 11 hikers.

Although the snow was deep, it was frozen solid and we gracefully traipsed atop it without needing snowshoes. Sherman-Bliven road was plowed, so we hiked on that to the trailhead and then on the FLT to the sign-in box and back out to our cars. Temperature was in the mid twenties with sunshine and no wind. A perfect mid winter afternoon.