The first results of the tick study are in. They are still accepting ticks, but they are taking a break during the holidays, so the lab will be closed. This is the place that does the free tick testing.  

Very sad news to report. Dennis Redenback passed away. 
He is the father to Julie Thompson, our club's vice president and club member Sarah Francis. Many of us also know many of the family members.
I attached the link to the obituary. Please take a moment to remember the entire family at this difficult time.

For all you dog lovers out there. Hunting season now, so no dog hike, but it is the perfect time to take advantage of a great offer.
Get a professional photo session with your dog on Nov. 23rd in Sidney.
See the attached flyer for details. Make sure you make an appointment....flyer available upon request

Someone posted this article on the Friends of the FLT Facebook page and I thought it was worth sharing on our email for those that are not on Facebook. Very good reminders about being prepared while hiking. It is not just being prepared for long distance hiking. The lost and scared hikers in the article were all day hiking, which is what a majority of us do. DEC has to rescue many people every year because of people not being prepared.  

This is the link referenced in the article that goes to a DEC page about being prepared. On this page there is also a link to some videos.

just realized to my horror that I let the latest issue of FLT News out without hunting season dates in it.  bad irene.

there are many creatures which can be hunted for long seasons, so pay attention all the time after october 1st, until december 17th, and wear high visibility clothing!  the more blaze orange the better.  dogs will benefit from little orange vests, too.  i've made them by using the torso of an orange vest that has its own velcro fastener, and sewing a channel into the neck end so the collar can be run through it.

deer and bear are open for bow hunting oct 1-nov 15, then guns begin on nov 16, through dec. 8.  many counties now permit rifles instead of shotguns, which have a longer range.  there is also a late bow season dec 9-17.

fall turkey season is oct 19-Nov 1.

editor irene

We need someone to help with the BHC display table on Oct. 13th.

The event is Wolf Mountains Harvest Festival. The event runs from 11 to 4 PM, but set up needs to be completed by 10:30.

It is preferred to have 2 shifts since it is 5 hours.

I have another commitment and cannot be there. The event is fun and it is an enjoyable day there.

let me know if you can help.


Bullthistle hiking members, potential members and former members,

Please take 2 minutes to complete this 10 question survey for the Bullthistle Hiking Club. We are trying to increase our hike participation and your answers to this survey will help us understand what people want for hiking. 

Just click on the link and answer the questions. It is anonymous. We appreciate you help with this survey.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you
Peg Fuller
BHC President

BHC members,

There are a few things that require volunteers, so please consider helping:

1. Oxford Farmer's Market (outside) runs until the end of the month. It is held Saturdays 9 AM to noon. Setup by 8:30. Setting up and staffing the BHC table and answer basic club and hiking questions to anyone interested.

2. Oct. 13th is a festival at Wolf Mountain. The event is 11 AM to 4 PM. Set up must be complete by 10:30. We can have 2 shifts if it is too long for one shift. Same thing, set up the table, answer basic questions.

3. FLT Fall weekend Oct. 20th-22nd - we are hosting the event out of Fred's Inn.  If you would like to help at registration or help with car shuttles or help by being a sweep on one of the numerous hikes, let me know ASAP. Also, if you plan on attending the dinners, registration and payment is due by Sunday, the 8th.

Peg Fuller

The Bullthistle Hiking Club had a table at the Oxford Farmers Market on Saturday (Aug 31st). Thank you Rob and Deb Ruski.

Now we need someone to staff the table at the Oxford Farmers Market one of the Saturday's in September. Set up 8:30 AM and the event is 9 to 12 noon.