This is for our hikers in the Greene and Oxford area -
Be on the look out for a EMU.
A woman in Oxford said her male Emu has been on the loose and she can't find him.
The other day another woman walking in the woods saw him and was quite shocked (see the attached picture. The last Facebook post I saw with a location was the area of Moran Rd in Greene near the East River. 
The owner is Beth Roach.
She said you cannot put a leash around it's neck because Emu's windpipes could collapse.

So now you have a very weird reason to go hiking.
Maybe he is headed towards Coventry State Forest.
So go explore.
Just don't be scared if you come across this strange looking bird.

The owner is easily contacted on Facebook, but I don't see a phone number.



Last year the Bullthistle Hiking Club led hikes for the children at the YMCA camp.
Unfortunately the trails were not maintained and we used side truck trails.
This year there is an effort to clear the trails. The YMCA camp director, Erica, has arranged for a new college kids to volunteer to help on the trails.
The date is June 21st - Thursday.

I am looking for some volunteers to help lead the way on this project.
Start time is 9 AM.
If enough people show up, it shouldn't be too long of a day, but I recommend packing a lunch and bringing water for yourself.

Bring normal trail maintenance tools - gloves, clippers, hand saws, etc.
No puncheons will be build that day but a tally of the number of bridges will be needed so Erica can secure the needed supplies. 

I am not available to attend that day, so I am looking for someone to help organize the day first thing that morning. 

I will forward any additional details I get.


This is from the FLT Spring weekend. Jacqui is very talented and put the video together.
A few of our members are in the video - Bruce, Rich B, Larry B, Art & Sharron. Might be forgetting someone.

With the warmer weather, many are just getting out for the season to start hiking. 
This article talks about the increase in ticks, including the types of ticks. Taking precautions is a good idea so you can continue to enjoy hikes.

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From: Lifelong Learning Program <>
Date: May 11, 2018 at 12:40:09 PM EDT
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Subject: "Graves of Upstate New York" by Chuck D'Imperio, May 23rd, 6:30 pm, Colgate Bookstore
Lauren Cassulis

Chuck D'Imperio: Graves of Upstate New York

Join us at the Colgate Bookstore on Wednesday, May 23rd at 6:30pm for a book signing and
presentation by Chuck D'Imperio, an award-winning radio broadcaster and newspaper columnist. 

Enjoy his lively stories of the region, its people, events and folk tales. Refreshments will be provided. Graves of Upstate New York presents a fascinating look at the lives and deaths of 100 legendary Americans who are laid to rest in Upstate New York. D’Imperio takes readers on a journey across the state, visiting an array of famous New York grave sites, from Mark Twain, Harriet Tubman, and James Fenimore Cooper to Helen Hayes, Lucille Ball, four US
presidents, a Kentucky Derby–winning horse, and the most famous one-legged tap dancer in the world. D’Imperio tells the story of each individual, along with photographs and detailed information about the cemetery. From West Point to Lake Placid to Buffalo and all points north, south, east, and west, Graves of UpstateNew York offers a cultural tour across the great expanse of Upstate New York in search of its famous residents and their lasting legacies.

"Chuck D’Imperio is an Upstate New York treasure who proves time and again his encyclopedic knowledge of Upstate and all its charms. . . . From ‘Queen of Comedy’ Lucille Ball’s heart-engraved headstone in Jamestown to abolitionist John Brown’s glass-enclosed marker in North Elba to industrialist/philanthropist Andrew Carnegie’s Scottish stone monument in Sleepy Hollow and points in between, this fascinating travel guide will inspire the reader to hit the road and tour these intriguing historic sites and their communities. Highly recommended!" ~ Lori Chien, Chief Librarian, Jervis Public Library

Rachel Amann-Burns
Program Coordinator
Life Long Learning Program
sponsored by the Upstate Institute, Colgate University
13 Oak Drive, Hamilton, NY 13346
315.228.6623 (leave message)

National Trails Day is fast approaching. June 2nd, Saturday.
The Bullthistle Hiking Club is helping build a hiking trail, approximately 1.5 miles, around round pond.
The DEC recently completed an observation platform and the trail will loop around from there.
All workers are welcome to join us for the day. We will meet at 9 AM at the DEC parking at the new observation deck. This is off of Reservoir Hill Rd (past Plymouth Reservoir). About 3-4 miles past South Plymouth going west.
Let me know if you will be attending this fun work day.  So far we have Pete & Colleen, Peg & Mike, Rich B, Tom B, Warren, Larry C, and I am not sure who I am missing.  Please let me know if you are planning on helping that day. You can leave early, come late, whatever your schedule allows.
Bring work gloves, pruning shears, rakes, hand saws, and any other tools you normally use for trail maintenance.
The BHC will provide lunch. We will also have bottles of water.
For more information contact Peg Fuller at 315-653-7345 or

If you would like to be on the Bullthistle Hiking Club team for the health challenge that the county health department in conjunction with Chobani organizes, let me know.
Teams are 4 to 5 people.
There are rules for meeting and reporting back to the health department. We have had a team the past couple years and our members usually win something. 
It doesn't start until June 16th, but I would like to know if we have a team or not this year.
Maybe we can have 2 teams.

Peg Fuller


We are looking for volunteers to help build a new trail on National Trails Day, June 2nd.

The DEC has flagged out the trail. The trail will tie into the new observation platform the DEC is building.

We will work all day. We will cut branches and briars and rake the trail. General cleanup of twigs and branches. Anything large our sawyers will handle.
Anyone who is able to pick up some twigs is welcome. If you have loppers, clippers, weed whacker, you can bring them.If you are a trail maintainer, bring what you normally use. We will have some tools with use for others to share. 
Everyone should bring work gloves.

So if you would like to volunteer, let me know and I will forward details to you.

Peg Fuller