September is almost here.
That means you need to register for the Fall FLT Weekend now.
The registration deadline in September 8th.
If you would like a Fall FLT Weekend T-shirt, that deadline is sooner, Sept. 1st, so the printer has time to make your shirt.

So don't delay, register today.

All the details are on the Bullthistle Hiking Club website ( and on the FLTC website under events (
We have lots of hikes to choose from, lunches and dinners and evening presentations. 

If you have additional questions, contact me, Peg Fuller, BHC President, at 315-653-7345 or
I look forward to a wonderful hiking weekend with everyone.


Saturday, August 24th, hike and dedication
Please join us (Foothills Trail Club) in celebrating the latest lean-to which will be dedicated to Wally Wood, founding father of the Finger Lakes Trail, and Mabel James, founder of the Conservation Trail.  This special lean-to is one of those used as part of our display at the International Trails Symposium in Syracuse in May, so now it has been reassembled into its final location, on Map M3/CT3, a short distance west of Salamanca Road.
Please NOTE: at the same time as our event is going on there will also be an orienteering event.  The Buffalo Orienteering Club is holding the Ellicottville Adventure Run & Hikewith long and short components, so we will run into people going all different directions.
This is a competition with prizes for the winners.   So please keep your eyes out for the runners as they race against the clock to get all of the flags. 
We have 3 hikes scheduled to the dedication after which we will enjoy hot dogs (weather permitting) supplied by Finger Lakes Trail Conference. Sorry no dogs allowed on Foothills hikes.
Dedication @ 12:30 – hot dogs afterwards
Hike 1 – M3/CT3 Access 5 to Access 1.  Total miles 8.8 -  Meet @ Access 1 – end of Stone Chimney Road  @ 9AM We will Carpool to access 5 Mutton Hollow Road at Radio Tower.We will hike approx. 5.8 mile to Dedication and Hot dogs.  Afterwards hike 3 miles to Stone Chimney Road.   Leader Chuck Feldman 716/866-8945
Hike 2 – M3/CT3 Access 3 to Access 1. Total miles 5.8 - Meet @ Access 1 end of Stone Chimney Road @ 10AM We will carpool to Access 3 Hungry Hollow Road.  We will hike approx. 2.8 miles to dedication and hot dogs.  Afterwards hike 3 miles to Stone Chimney Road. Leader Patty Pikul 716/504-7657
Hike 3 – M3/CT3 Access 2 Little Rock City Road @ circle @ 11AM  We will explore rocks then hike to Lean-to.  This will be a short hike to dedication and hot dogs. Afterwards hike back to Rock City Road.  Total hike less than 3 miles.  Leader Robert Chau 716/713-5772(Direction to Little Rock City Rd: Whig Street off Rt. 242,  Hungry Hollow Road, Little Rock City Road – watch for signs)

Anyone who would like to just join in the dedication and have hot dogs can park on Salamanca Road and hike in approx. ¼ mile. (directions to Salamanca Road; Whig Street off Rt. 242, Hungry Hollow Road, Little Rock City Road,  Salamanca Rd. – watch for signs.

Questions?  Annette Brzezicki, Foothills Trail Club -       

It is not a hike, but I thought some BHC members would be interested in attending Howl Night on August 24th at 7PM.
It is at Wolf Mountain, 562 Hopkins Crandall Road Smyrna, NY 13464
Admission is $5. Cash only
"Howl Programs include guided tour of all wolf & coyote exhibits as we discuss the hows and whys of wolf communication which encompasses scenting, body language, and vocalizations. The evening program lasts about two hours and ends with a pack howl! Gift shop open at the end of the evening".

I will be going directly from my house, but others may wish to carpool.